Matts Jucy Lucy is an Icon that must be experienced. Don't bite into it immediately as the cheese is very hot. They are not kidding when they say "Fear the Cheese." Expect a wait at peak meal times. Winner of 2010 Travel Channel Food Wars for best Jucy Lucy. It is a bar, but family friendly. It's a combination of neighborhood bar and destination for Jucy Lucy aficionados. And, you can call ahead for take out!
-Chris C.

Whenever I want to introduce a colleague to one of the quintessential culinary icons in the Twin Cities, I bring them to Matt's to savor, what I believe is the best version of the Jucy Lucy. After work, we ventured up 77, grabbed a spot on the street, entered Matt's and waited for our table. On a Thursday night it was not a long wait, maybe 20 minutes and while we waited we watched as burger after burger was placed on the small flat-top and grilled to perfection.

Once seated, Matt's is a pretty easy place to order. The only question is how many burgers, with or without onions, and how large an order of fries. We both ordered two JL's and a half order of fries.

The wait for the burgers was longer than the table and once delivered, individually wrapped in paper, the server recited the ritual of being careful about exploding cheese. I advised waiting for a few more minutes, enjoy a few fries and a few more sips of soda. When the time was upon us, I slowly raised the JL to my lips and slow, very slowly bit into the cheese-lava filled burger.

Not too sure if it was too soon, I held my breath as the cheese oozed out and came in contact with the inside of my mouth and my lips. I timed it perfectly, not too hot for scalding but still hot enough to appreciate the madness of the construction. I exhaled and enjoyed the meat, the less than scalding American cheese, the fried onions, pickle and bun. Nothing on this burger was gourmet, nothing qualified as farm to table, but this was a down and dirty inverted cheeseburger with great flavors, great textures, and a heritage that pre-dates this burger lover.

As I finished #1 and moved to #2, I asked my colleague what he thought. He smiled, continued eating...eventually finishing both burgers, the entire order of fries and two diet cokes. Yet another colleague was officially indoctrinated into the Jucy Lucy Club.
- Jeff S.

We went to Matt's on a recommendation from a family member. We both had the "Jucy [sic] Lucy." Let me just say that if you like a cheeseburger, this is the burger for you. They pack cheese in between two hamburger patties and then cook 800 of them every day on a griddle that's maybe 36" by 18". When you bite into the burger, flavor explodes into your mouth (and runs down your hands). You can order your burger with or without sautéed onions (raw onion also available). If you order onions, be ready, because your bun will be packed with at least a half-inch of them.

There are no plates here, but you do have the waxed paper in which they wrap your burger. There are glasses here, for draft beer or for water (but there is no ice). All other drinks are served in cans or bottles. Condiments available include salt, pepper, ketchup, and mustard.

We went at about 11:00 on a Sunday morning and got right in (to the last two available seats in the place). There was a bit of a wait by the time we left. Service was good, and the workers were friendly. They are also efficient (which they'd have to be as they average more than one burger per minute, every minute, for twelve hours each day).

There aren't a lot of choices on the menu, but really, there is probably only one thing you want--a juicy, delicious cheeseburger--and this is one of the best places you will find to get one.
- Lila